New Flooring for my home! Any ideas?


When I first moved in with my husband I was of course excited to start our lives together but I also knew that there were many changes that I wanted to make to this cute little home that was built in the 1920’s. It was a super cute little house but the first thing I had to change was the CARPET in the KITCHEN! Yes you read that right…there was CARPET in my KITCHEN! Ug! It was terrible to try to keep clean not to mention that it was bright orange and had been there for over 45 years!!!

Of course as newly weds we did not have the income to purchase expensive flooring. One day as we were out shopping we came across  self adhesive floor tiles. They were less expensive then tile or hardwood but they could give my kitchen the same overall look. I was thrilled and we purchased them right away!

The self adhesive floor tiles were super easy to use and they made my kitchen look great! It was so exciting to have the orange carpet gone at a price we could afford!

My husband and I no longer live in that cute little home that we first started out in…but we are in a new home where new flooring is our number 1 concern. We have carpet throughout our home which is nice in some places but is very hard to keep clean. Especially in the dinning room.

My husband and I have been looking all different types of flooring. I think we are pretty set on hardwood flooring but I am not sure that ‘real’ hardwood is the best option. What do you all think? Do you have hardwood flooring in your home? Is it real? Is it Vinyl?  I would love some ideas on what works best for you!

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