OpenOffice – Comparable to MS Office but FREE!


About a year ago one of the worst things happened to me as a blogger. My computer crashed! This was tragic as I was not able to check my e-mail, post on my blog, or talk with any of you for about 2 weeks.

When my computer crashed I immediately called my computer guy and told him I was done with my old desk top and I wanted a laptop that I could take with me to help me be able to blog from anywhere. That is when I got my Toshiba that I love SO much!

One thing that was important to me was the cost of the computer. We did not have a lot of money at the time but I wanted to have something that would last. One way that computer guy said would be the best to cut down on money was the expensive Microsoft programs that I was purchasing. I did not know that there was a FREE alternative to Microsoft Office but I was excited to give OpenOffice a try!

OpenOffice has everything you would want with the full Microsoft Office software. I am able to use spreadsheets, word processing and more! It is also compatible with anything which is nice since no matter what program someone sends a file in I can open it with OpenOffice!

Now that I have had OpenOffice I will never go back. I love the layout of everything and how easy it is to use! I have been very impressed with OpenOffice this past year and it really is saving me money as I no longer have to purchase the newest up to date software of other programs! Yippee!


  1. One should also be aware of a version packaged by so you can take your complete OpenOffice with you on a USB flash drive! You can also grab their portable Java package (called jPortable) and OpenOffice will work seamlessly with it.

  2. I tried adding a comment before, but it seeded t have failed.

    There is also a version repackaged for use on USB drives, so you can take your OpenOffice installation and files with you to computers that don’t have it installed. The people from have done a great job making this work.

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