Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

Whether it’s a day that’s filled with summer showers that’s forcing the kids to stay indoors or a day that’s just too hot to be playing outside for any longer, crafts can make a day spent inside just as enjoyable as those spent outside. If you’re looking for the perfect summer craft to take up an afternoon, these four will fit the bill:

  1. Sea shell picture frame. If you’re kids have been begging to go to the beach but there just hasn’t been the time then bring the beach to them by bringing home sea shells and some sand to make a beach-inspired picture frame. Cover a piece of poster board in glue and sprinkle sand all over it to mimic a sandy beach, then set it aside to let it dry. Once dried, take a hot glue gun (the kids will need your help with this!) and create a frame around the edges of the poster board out of different seashells. Then set it aside to dry, otherwise the shells will fall off, and once you do make it to the beach you’ll have a frame ready for all of those memories.
  2. Marble paintings. If you’re little one is itching to paint then put a new twist on painting by creating marble paintings. You’ll need a box or container to put a piece of construction paper in and some cups filled with different colors of poster paint. Put some marbles into the colors that you want to use and then drop the coated marbles onto the piece of construction paper. Roll them back and forth over the paper to create fun designs and works of art. Just be aware that this project is messy!
  1. Bird feeders. Homemade bird feeders are a fun way to encourage all of the different birds to flock to your yard, and they’re incredibly easy to make. Gather pinecones from outside and then coat them in peanut butter. You can use Popsicle sticks to get the peanut butter between each layer of the pinecone. Once the pinecone is covered in peanut butter roll it around in birdseed and glue a piece of yarn to the top. You can then loop the yarn over a tree branch so that the bird feeder is easily accessible to the birds.
  2. Paper gardens. Gardening is fun for kids, but since it’s so hot outside you might want to bring the gardening indoors. You can do so by creating flowers from colored construction paper. Cut out the petals and glue them together and then attach them to strips of green construction paper for the stems. Once you’ve created enough flowers you can glue them onto a sheet of paper and either add in a paper vase or a garden scene.

Summer days spent inside don’t have to be a drag; you just need a little creativity and some arts and crafts to liven the day up a bit! Your kids will have so much fun making these different crafts that they won’t even miss being outside for the day.

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