Disney Pin Trading!

My daughter Pin Trading at Disneyland 2012

Fun with Disney Pin Trading

If you are any self-respecting Disney fan, then you should already know about Disney pins and you should probably already have a huge collection in your home. But, if you are not keen to the hobby that is Disney pin trading, then here is some basic info:

The history of Disney pin trading

The collectible Disney pins have been around for quite a while, and used to only be available at the theme parks of Disney Land, and later Disney World. But, now, with the advent of the internet, Disney pins can be bought anywhere and anytime. Officially, Disney pin trading was introduced in 1999 as part of the Disney millennial celebration. Since then, thousands of people have taken part in what is now a great Disney tradition.

The value of the Disney pins

Many people actually sell their Disney pins online for quite a bit of money, but the true value of the pins all depends on the person. Some pins, for some people, have sentimental value, which of course can not be valued in dollars and cents, but that does not stop some people from doing so. There are a huge variety of Disney pins in existence, so the possibilities are literally endless, as is the value of the Disney pins.

How many pins are there?

Over the years, there have been thousands of unique and different Disney pins made. There is no accurate and specific number as Disney does not keep track of them.

Are there any special pins, or limited edition pins?

Indeed there are, and the more unique and limited they are, the more cherished they are by collectors. Some pins are nearly impossible to find these days, while most of them tend to be very common.

How to find out where the Disney pin came from

On every Disney pin there is a stamp on the back, which will inform the collector as to where the pin actually came from. These days the pins are not just sold at the theme parks, but the ones that are are more treasured and tend to be the most sought after types of Disney pins.

How to get started in the world of Disney pin trading

At every theme park there are Disney pin salespeople, who you can identify by their Disney pin lanyard around their neck. These people are experts when it comes to Disney pins, and are handpicked for their enthusiasm on the subject. The next step is to pick your favorite pins, whether it be your favorite Disney character or your favorite Disney logo. Once you buy a pin you can trade it with other people, if they have a different pin that you want more.
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    Thanks for all the info. Maybe if we ever make is to Disney, we’ll get a pin. 😀

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