Fast Classics Chicken Review and Giveaway (5 Winners)

My Thoughts on Fast Classics Chicken

There are days that I feel like I don’t stop running. My days are filled with day care kids, driving children to school, swimming lessons, church meetings, going to the gym and everything else I have to get done. With life being so busy I try to plan my meals around things that are great for us but also fast!

Recently I was sent coupons to review Fast Fixin! I had never before noticed Fast Fixin in the stores but after reading about their new Crunchy Pretzel chicken I could not wait to give it a try! When I got to the store I learned that they do not carry the Crunchy Pretzel Chicken in my area and they do not carry the Fast Fixin brand….but they do have Fast Classics! This was just as impressive as I found a couple bags of Chicken Friend Chicken Breasts and Country Fried Steaks and to make this deal even better the chicken not only cooks super fast but comes with a gravy packet already in the package so all I have to do is add water and I have fresh gravy to go over my chicken!

The Fast Classics Chicken was a huge hit at my home. As soon as I opened the bag I popped the frozen chicken onto a cookie sheet and baked at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. As the chicken was cooking I opened the gravy packet and started the water to boil! It was super fast and easy! To make it even better there was enough gravy left over to add Mashed Potatos to our dinner!

My family loved this chicken. The taste was amazing and my daughter begged for more! That is not common with her as we usually have to fight with her to eat anything but she LOVED Fast Classics Chicken!

Fast Classics Country Fried Chicken Breast

The next time you are in the store and looking for delicious meals that are quick and easy I recommend looking into Fast Fixin and or Fast Classics Chicken! It really is great!

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  1. Yes, we have eaten the Fast Fixin country fried steaks and we love them!

  2. Becky Spell says:

    I found these at the grocery store that I work at about 2 months ago and thought, eh I might as well try them. I’m a newly divorced 55 yo and thought, that could be 5 easy quick meals for me…and I was right!! They are awesome and taste sooo good!! I cooked mine in the microwave and also made the gravy that way and it took maybe 10 minutes at the most to make a good hot meal and I ate every bite too. I found there wasn’t enough gravy to last thru 5 meals so bought another packet of a different kind and mixed the two together. They are a tad expensive, but 5 meals for 8 dollars is a heck of a deal. I just wish we sold more of their products.

  3. Alicia Ransom says:

    no I have never tried them

  4. Carol ONeil says:

    No but I would love to try it.

  5. matthew b says:

    i would love to try it, have not done so yet though

  6. kristen see says:

    love it…buy it from sams and it is good

  7. Angelia Gregory says:

    Yes and Love them!

  8. Lynde F. says:

    No, I have never tried their brand.

  9. We have tried the country fried steaks they are great!

  10. Margaret says:

    Never Tried them. Love country fried steak.

  11. Yes, my kids love the chicken fried steak.

  12. We’ve tried the chicken nugguts, but not those! They look delish!

  13. Not yet!

  14. Jennie Hawkins says:

    Yes we have had these in fact they are they best tasting chicken in the frezzer sections.

  15. I haven’t tried them …Yet!!! LOL! They sure do look good !!!

  16. I haven’t tried this product, but it looks very useful for those busy days.

  17. Courtney Tucker says:

    I have tried lots of their products and have loved all of them!

  18. Colleen Maurina says:

    No, I have never tried their products – sounds intriguing!

  19. yes i have bought some chicken strips for my grandson

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  21. no I have not tried those yet

  22. Denima Lund says:

    We have never tried fast classic chicken !

  23. Vickie Couturier says:

    yes ive tried them an really like them a lot

  24. We have not tried these yet.

  25. Denise Gilbert says:

    The country fried steaks are our favorite Fast Fixin Product.

  26. I have never tried these products, but I would love the opportunity to.

  27. Christina says:

    We have had the chicken patties for chicken sandwiches!

  28. Sam Eagle says:

    No I have never tried Fast Fixin or Fast Classics Chicken

  29. Sam Eagle says:
  30. Rae Higgins says:

    We’ve had the Chicken Fried Steaks & they are so good!

  31. Yes we’ve tried them and they are really good and quick for busy families.

  32. I have not tired it yet. thanks
    carolwegs at gmail dot com

  33. Priscilla Rafdahl says:

    I’ve never tried it!

  34. Shannon Pickin says:

    Have never tried it before

  35. I have not tried it, but would love to. It looks delicious with the gravy!

  36. Kelly J Hubbard says:

    I have tried them and love them…

  37. Hollie Jahnke says:

    We’ve tried the country fried steaks before and love them!

  38. Paige Kelley says:

    I’ve not tried them yet but they sound really great!

  39. Ellen Levickis says:


  40. I haven’t tried it yet but it certainly looks good

  41. I’ve tried their Chicken Patties before and love em!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  42. Vanessa Dalton says:

    I haven’t tried either products

  43. I’ve never tried these products.

  44. Debbie Welchert says:

    I had tried the Country Fried Steaks before and their really good.

  45. Debbie Welchert says:

    I commented on your Looking for Poster Size Picture Frames review.

  46. I have tried several of the Fast Fixin products and they have all been good! Wish coupons were put out more often.

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