VeggieTales: The Penniless Princess God’s Little Girl Review

VeggieTales: The Penniless Princess God’s Little Girl

I will never forget the first time saw a VeggieTales cartoon. I was babysitting my cousins and I was 16 years old. Even at that age VeggieTales had an impact on me. I knew right away that whenever I had a child and family of my own I wanted my children to watch VeggieTales because of the wholesome values that are taught in each cartoon. I love that VeggieTales lets young children know just how special they are in the eyes of God and teaches them bible stories.

Recently I was sent VeggieTales The Penniless Princess for the purpose of this review. Every time we get a new VeggieTales DVD the kiddo’s know I will make a special day of it. I pop the popcorn, break out the juice boxes and we have fun watching these DVD’s together. I am then able to talk with the kids about what they saw and help the children understand the full message (the older ones get the message but it lets me explain things to the younger ones).

In VeggieTales The Penniless Princess you will meet Sara. She has everything! Fabulous dresses, tons of friends and her family…..but that all quickly changes and suddenly she has nothing. Watch as Sara learns a wonderful message. Material things don’t really matter! What matters is what is in your heart!

On the Back

Sweet Sara Crewe has everything a little girl could want- a loving family, lots of friends and a closet full of frilly dresses! But when life takes a turn and Sara goes from riches to rags, will she realize that her true worth lies not in what she has, but what’s in her heart? Find out in this inspiring new story from VeggieTales, based on the beloved classic novel “A Little Princess.” that reminds kids who they are in God’s eyes.

Bonus Features:

Behind the Scenes
My Teddy Bear’s From Where?
A True Princess-Discussion Guide
Tour of London
Singalong Songs

VeggieTales 365 Day Starter Devos for Girls

With this cute movie I also received a 365 Day Starter Devos for Girls. This book arrived just in time for my daughters first day of school. We have now read one Devo each day since school started and I must say that these stories really will help you start your day off better. These Devos remind you that God is with you no matter what. He is always there to listen to your prayers and he loves to hear from you. You are NEVER alone! These are words that children need to hear often and remember. Especially in this day in age when kids can be so mean to each other. Each morning as I read these Devos I just pray that it will sink into my daughters head and she will remember those words through out the day. She is special. She is Gods child and She is Loved!

On the Back

Wake up each day with inspirational thoughts and prayers for girls that parents and kids can read together, featuring all your favorite Veggie friends!


I was sent a VeggieTales product for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. 


  1. Dianna Thomas says:

    This looks as good as all the other Veggie Tales— I know my kids will love this one too

  2. We got tickets to go see it saturday! can’t wait

  3. my kids all love Veggietales…can’t wait to see the new one

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