Make the most of the Olympic Summer – without leaving the house!

Make the most of the Olympic Summer – without leaving the house!

When the whole world has well and truly caught Olympic fever and the sights coming from London are so spectacular, being ‘stuck at home’ may never have felt more dull. However the cost factor of the Olympics has also reached spectacular highs with nearly 10 billion pounds of public money being pumped into making it a success.

If you didn’t manage to get your hands on a golden ticket or simply could not afford it, there are still ways to make the most of the Olympic Summer for all the family at a fraction of the cost, from the comfort of your own home.

Bring the London Olympics into your home

The Olympics only comes around once every four years, but even if you’re not attending you can still make sure that it’s memorable.

If you are worried that their heads are getting frazzled by computer games and daytime TV during the summer break then the Olympics is a good means of introducing some productive fun back into their lives. Simple yet enjoyable activities such as making your own Olympic (fire-free) torches and homemade medals are low in cost but high on fun for all the family. It can also be a great time to discuss healthy eating with your child by discussing foods athletes may eat and getting them involved in making healthy yet tasty snacks.

Your child will undoubtedly have questions about the Olympics so brush up on a few historical facts and work with your child to put together a scrapbook of drawings, photographs and other tokens which will help them to remember the 2012 Olympics.

Games cinema nights

Many cinemas and other establishments are offering screenings of the different Olympic events, with many at low costs so this could be a nice treat either for the family or you and friends or a partner. However if you are tired of the rising price of popcorn at the big screens, bring the movie night to the comfort of your own home.

There are hundreds of channels broadcasting the Olympics, so record your favourite games and settle down in front of the screen with some homemade snacks and enjoy the anticipation. This doesn’t have to be one for the children, invite friends round or even use it as a chance to have some quiet time with your loved one!

Backyard Olympics

One way of keeping your children entertained for the Summer is helping them to turn your garden into the Olympic stadium for the Summer. Before you despair this idea is more likely to leave you change from a ten than cost you ten billion.

You could use landscape spray to paint down a track for races – and mow it away when summer is done. Dig out all those garden toys from the back of the shed as now is their time to be used – hula hoops can be used to make a great heptathlon style event, bats and tennis rackets for Olympic matches, use the sandpit for a kiddy-friendly long jump and the paddling pool for swimming. You could even set out some blocks and some bunting as an Olympic stand to present your children with their homemade medals. Keep it safe, keep it simple and have some fun.

Closing ceremony

This year’s Olympic ceremony is set to be filled with spectacle and entertainment and there is no reason why the end of your backyard Olympics should not go down with such a bang. Invite friends and family around for a barbeque and to watch the event and enjoy sharing the special moment with loved ones. This could also be a good opportunity to present your children with their Olympics scrapbooks and medal. Crack open a bottle of bubbly (lemonade for the little ones!) and enjoy!

Tot up your savings

It is always rewarding to see exactly how much you have saved. If you’re making a conscious effort to spend less this summer and enjoy your Olympics staycation then stowing your savings away in a high-interest savings account or a fixed rate bond, depending on your circumstances, could help you get a better rate for your money. Alternatively you could use savings to help pay off debts or towards something for all the family like the new car you’ve been dreaming about!


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