5 Frugal tips to get you through the Olympics


The 2012 Olympics are in full swing and recently I have been hearing about how much it costs these athletes to go and compete. Many of them filling for bankruptcy just to pay the taxes on their Gold, Silver and Bronze medals that they win.

With all these athletes and their families it might be hard to figure out how to get around London with the least amount of cash as possible! Here are a few ideas you might want to use if you are lucky enough to be at the Olympics in London now!

1. Find banks with Cash Back Programs-

I love my rewards and Cash Back cards because I know that with every penny I spend I am also earning rewards points for stores I use frequently or cash back on many of my every day purchases.


Yes even London takes coupons so if you find them and they are for something you would like then….USE THEM!

3. Booking flight-

When booking your flight use a site that will compare prices with other sites! This will help you get the best price possible and to see what other prices are out there!

4. Tickets-

Tickets for the Olympics are much easier to find then you might thing! Did you know there are still (according to the BBC) over 700,000 tickets that have not been purchased! But, when evaluating your cash flow and now much you have to spend….remember the less known events are usually cheaper then lets say Michael Phelps’s last Olympic race!

5. Oyster Card-

When you are in London you will want to find savings on offers such as the Oyster Card! With the Oyster Card you will be able to save up to 40% off on travel via tubes and buses!

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