Feel Your Best as a Woman!

Breast implants are not something that I have ever thought about before as I can say my family looks into breast reductions more often then looking into adding more! However recently breast implants are something I have really been looking into as my friend is planning on getting some very soon. For the past few years it seems my friends are being diagnosed with breast cancer left and right. It is a heart breaking disease and for some losing their breasts is very hard.  Particularly for one of my dear friends who is now cancer free and in great health! She is struggling to come to terms with no longer having breasts and has decided to do something about it!

Together we have recently been looking into breast implants. Surprisingly we found that breast implants no longer cost an arm and a leg and are now for  more then the rich and famous. That does not seem to be the case anymore as the breast implants prices are much different.

My dear friend is finding that most insurances do not cover the cost of breast implants but there are many doctors out there that will now do the surgery for around $8,500! That is a price many women are willing to pay! Especially those that have had an unfortunate mastectomy in the past.

Breast augmentation now lasts about 1.5 hours and takes 7 days to recover. Please remember that you must be physically healthy and a minimum of 18 years of age (22 for silicone).

Please know I understand breast implants are not for everyone. BUT I also wanted to raise awareness that if you are in a situation where you are looking into it there are places you can go for a better price then you might have thought possible!


  1. Shannon V says:

    This is a real important thing for women who have lost there breast due to cancer. I feel they need to do whatever it takes to make them feel good about their self. Fighting the cancer is all the battle they need to worry about not a negative self image.

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