Scooby-Doo! Laff-A-Lympics Spooky Games Review and Giveaway!

My Thoughts on Scooby-Doo!

Laff-A-Lympics Spooky Games

Scooby-Doo, Yogi Bear, and Fred Flintstone! Nuff said!

Okay so I know I can’t really end the review there but really…they are three of the most awesome characters ever into one great DVD!

Get your kiddo’s ready for the Olympics with Scooby-Doo and his Spooky Games. IN this DVD you will find 2 disc’s and over 20 episodes from around the world. Spain, India, Africa, Ireland, Egypt, Holland, Toyko and SOO many more great places can be found on this 2 disc collection.

In this DVD you will find Scooby-Doo competing against none other then the Yogi Yahooeys and Really Rottens. They will have many competitions including bull fights and roller skating along with a side of spooky mysteries.

Scooby-Doo! Laff-A-Lympics is 308 minutes of fun! Enjoy!

On the Back

Let the fun and games begin! Scooby-Doo! And gang are off to compete at the World Invitational Games in the all-new-23-minute episode Spooy Games! And there’s no shortage of spookiness- the gang’s fun gets sidetracked when a 1,000-year-old statue comes to life and threatens the entire event! Will the games go on? The high jinks continue with world-hopping episodes of Hanna-Barbera’s competitive classic Scooby’s All-Star Laff-A-Lympics! Three teams enter, and all fun breaks loose! Grab a seat as the Scooby Doobies, the Yogi Yahooeys and the Really Rottens get ready, get set, and get into more eccentric events! From bullfights to mountain climbing, roller skating to leprechaun hunting, trek the globe to catch all of the animated antics! Special guest stars abound, including Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. This collection is a sure shot to take the gold!

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I always liked The Flintstones

  2. VickieCouturier says:

    Scooby Doo of course

  3. I like Wilma Flintstone.

  4. Pebbles from The Flintstones

  5. Teh Doll says:

    Scooooby Doo of course. We love him!

  6. Michele Behlen says:

    I like Yogi Bear. I think he was Hanna Barbera.

  7. Scooby Doo!!!!!!

  8. Heather R says:

    Yogi Bear!

  9. Taycie Schmidt says:


  10. Jessica Layer says:


  11. Debbie Welchert says:

    Scooby-Doo is my favorite

  12. melissa holske says:

    the flintstones

  13. penny hyde says:

    scooby dooby doooooo!!!! and scrappy do, too!

  14. Gina R. says:

    Yogi Bear is my favorite!

  15. Scooby for sure!!! My son adores him too!

  16. Daphne

  17. Scooby Dooby DOO!!!!!

  18. Margaret Walker says:

    Scooby & Scrappy Doo have always been my favorites!

  19. Diana Stanhope says:

    Scooby Doo is my very favorite! I love Scooby, my kids love Scooby and my grand kids love Scooby!

  20. Dianna Thomas says:

    Barney Ruble is one of my favorites

  21. Dianna Thomas says:

    I blogged about it here–

  22. ronda peyton says:

    bam bam from flinstones

  23. Marin Mandrick says:


  24. Scooby

  25. amy linderman says:

    yogi bear

  26. Cheryl Almas says:

    Scooby Doo is definitely my favorite.

  27. rachel layer says:

    Can I have a Scoobie snack?

  28. Scooby Doo! 🙂

  29. Carrie Ladd says:

    Scooby Doo!

  30. shelly s says:

    Yogi !

  31. I’d have to say Dino.

  32. sarah oswald says:

    i watch flinstones and scooby doo equally

  33. Janet F says:

    I like Scooby Doo.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. Scooby doo

  35. Jennifer Rogers says:

    I always liked the Flinstones and the Jetsons!

  36. Captain Caveman!

  37. Anita Yancey says:

    My favorite is Fred Flintstone.

  38. Stephanie says:
  39. Tabathia B says:

    Scooby doo is my fav of all time

  40. Scooby Doo sounds good.

  41. I commented here-

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