The Top 5 Restaurants You Should Try the Next Time You Go to Disneyland


Not all restaurants are created equal, even in Disneyland. Because there are so many restaurants to choose from when visiting the park, patrons might not know which restaurants are worth eating at. The following top 5 Disneyland restaurants are definitely worth trying on your next visit to the beloved theme park.

1. The Blue Bayou made number 1 on the list simply because it is located in The Pirates of the Caribbean ride and it’s an experience that restaurant goers won’t soon forget. There is a separate entrance for those not wishing to go on the ride. It is important to note that you must make a reservation in order to eat at this restaurant, but it is worth it. Patrons will enjoy a Cajun inspired meal. This restaurant can be a little pricey, but some meals start at $16, which isn’t bad for Disneyland. Patrons may be able to find online coupons before their trip to try to offset some of the cost.

2. The River Belle Terrace, located in Frontierland, not only offers southern hospitality, but good old comfort food. There are a wide variety of salads, sandwiches and sides available. The portions are large and the prices are very reasonable. This restaurant made number 2 on the list because of not only the great food, but the atmosphere. Patrons sit inside under chandeliers made of wrought iron or outside on the terrace where they can watch the Mark Twain Steamboat glide down the Rivers of America.

3. Red Rockett’s Pizza Port is an affordable option for families. It is located in Tomorrowland right next to the entrance of the popular rollercoaster, Space Mountain. It serves what many call the best pizza in Disneyland. There are also several other options such as salads and pasta. Red Rockett’s Pizza Port made number 3 on the list because of the family friendly food and it’s affordability.

4. The French Market Restaurant, located in Adventureland, serves up a hearty menu. Among the favorites are fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and jambalaya served inside of a bread bowl. Despite the hearty meal options, the prices are pretty good. The French Market Restaurant made number 4 on the list because of the hearty menu choices that may be a good option for park patrons that are hungry after a long day of visiting attractions throughout Disneyland.

5. Bengal Barbecue offers both vegetarian and American dishes. Some of their dishes include bacon wrapped asparagus and savory skewers made out of a variety of meat and vegetables. What makes this counter service type restaurant so great is that it has tasty, but simple food which is easy to grab and go on to your next attraction. It is located in Adventureland. Bengal Barbecue made number 5 on the list because several of the main dishes are under $5, which is a great deal considering the food is so good.

What other Disneyland restaurants do you think are worth trying?


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  1. Meredith Nichols says:

    Ive only been to Disneyland once, and we are planning a trip for next year. This will come in handy Thank you!!!

  2. Catherine says:

    I’ve always wanted to go!

  3. Jennifer Thompson says:

    This is a very nice site, thanks!

  4. I have never been to Disneyland believe it or not. Sounds fun though. The restaurants sound great and fun. It is always great to try something new. Kids are more finicky though.

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