HURRY Diamond Candles just $11.25 (Reg. $24.95)

Update: I ordered 6 vouchers and did their redemption thing…I then received my 6 codes the next day and now all my candles have shipped and should be here any day! 🙂

HURRY and score your Diamond Candle Voucher for just $11.25 at Half Off Depot! Just do a search for ‘diamond candle’ to pull up the deal!

When you go to checkout you can use coupon code CUSOON to score 10% off your order making the deal just $11.25!

You will receive a voucher code that you will have to input at the redemption site and then within 72 hours they will send you details on how to receive your Diamond Candle…please know there will also be a $5 flat rate shipping (for one candle) when checking out on the Diamond Candle website making this deal $16.25 but considering they are usually $29.25 after shipping this is an amazing deal!!

Check out these two rings I have received out of my past Diamond Candle Purchases!! I am ADDICTED to Diamond Candles!

So what is a Diamond Candle? Diamond Candles are amazing candles that come in an array of scents…AND EVERY candle has a ring inside valued between $10-$5,000! But the kicker is even the $10 rings are beautiful!!


  1. Wow,those rings are pretty and I never heard of this company before.

  2. cool I need one of those!

  3. Thanks! I’ve been so intrigued by these – people are talking about them everywhere! And this is such a good price, I’ll have to order one. 🙂

  4. Diamond candles are hands down the most fantastic gifts and if I weren’t on vacation I would order 6 of them for sure..this is a fantastic deal!

  5. Ohh, purty rings you got out from those Diamond Candles. How fun!
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  6. These candles are all over the blogosphere! I know the ring is a perk but do the candles smell good and burn clean?

    • They really do smell that good and burn amazing! – Okay so they only burn amazing if you DON’T dig out your ring first 😉

  7. What cute rings. I love the scents Diamond Candles offers!

  8. Bre Dale says:

    I’ve heard a lot about this company lately, would love to check it out firsthand and those rings are awesome.

  9. Love the ring. I have heard of these candles before but have never had one for myself. Now I want one.

  10. Those are awesome! I want one!!

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