How to Install a Dog Door

How to Install a Dog Door

Individuals who have pets such as dogs or cats in their homes should enhance their freedom by installing pet doors. As a result, they will minimize their bad behaviour of their pets such as soiling the house or scratching doors. They will give their pets enough space to run around and enjoy the outdoors. Those who want to build a good dog door should follow these steps:

Measure sizes: Pet owners should determine where they would install the dog doors. For instance, they can use it on their garage, front, or backyard doors. They should then verify the size of the door that they will need. This will be proportional to the size of the animal. It is, thus, imperative that they measure their height and the widest part of their pets. They can then custom make their dog doors or buy premade ones from their local shops or online.

Buy dog doors: Pet owners can find a variety of dog doors in many home improvement or hardware stores. They should only make sure that they choose sizes that will accommodate their pets. It is also a good idea to choose secure doors that will complement the colour and design of their doors. Of all available designs, they should buy doors that have plastic flaps. Many of these are resistant to weather conditions, durable, and easy to replace. Their installation kit should have a door, doorframe, instructions, a cutting template, and hinges.

Install doors: Once they have their installation kit, people should install their doors. This is where the fun part begins. First, they should use the cutting template to draw an outline of the door. For security purposes, people should ensure that they set their doors a few inches above the ground to keep away crawling animals. They should remember to keep their dimensions in mind and clearly mark the areas where they will drill holes and attach hinges.

Individuals should then use their DeWalt drills to create a starter hole on their outline. They can then use a jigsaw to cut through the door. Thereafter, they should install the doorframe and make sure its fits well in the hole. It is, imperative that they use adhesive fasteners or super glue to hold it firmly in place. Finally, people should fix the door use a set of bolts and nuts. They can request their friends or other family members to help them secure the door as they bolt in place.

Test the door: Finally, pet owners should make sure their doors wok well. They can entice their pets through the door to determine whether it works perfectly. They should make sure that their pets move free through the door and that the flap locks up after the pet has passed. Those who have bigger dog doors should make sure that they install security features. For example, they can install motion sensors produce signals when an animal crosses the door. They also buy doors that have lockable sliding plates.

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