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Food on the Table is an online service designed to help families eat better and save money at the grocery store. We take the sales at your local grocery store and your family’s food preferences to create a meal plan based on kid-friendly recipes hand picked by our chefs. Then, we send you to the store with a printable grocery list that can also be viewed on your smart phone.

Head to Food on the Table and enter promo code: SUMMERFREE at checkout.

A few perks of Food on the Table:
– Meal Planning Made Easy
– Trim Your Grocery Budget
– Find out What Friends are Cooking
– Grocery List By Department
– Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes


  1. christy says:

    I love this. Thanks for posting.

  2. Christine A. says:

    I love the Food on the Table site, it really helps streamline the process.

  3. wow!! thank you so much for sharing this!! Makes my life easier!

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