Save Money When You Move

Save Money When You Move

There are a number of different reasons for moving to a new home, from college graduates leaving home for their first apartment to newlyweds needing a new place for a growing family. Despite what you may have heard, moving doesn’t have to be stressful or overly expensive. As odds are high you’ll relocate at some point in your life, here are some suggestions to ease your load.

Take stock of your belongings

Before you begin to search for movers, you’ll want to take stock of all the items going to the new place. Take only what you need so you won’t have to pay for a larger truck or a storage facility. Sell what you don’t need at a yard sale, give things away to friends, donate via Freecycle or drop things off at your local Goodwill.

Once you know which items you’re taking, you’ll have a good idea of the number of boxes, containers and pieces of furniture that will be packed on the moving truck. This information is essential for the moving company you hire so they can give you a quote on moving costs.

The Internet is your friend at finding reliable movers

You may have heard horror stories about professional movers who don’t live up to their name. Fear not. You can find reliable movers by performing the right online searches and asking the right questions. Start your search for movers in your area by going to reputable places, such as the online version of the Yellow Pages, through your online newspaper classifieds or by asking family and friends for recommendations. Write down a list of movers you’re interested in. Find information about the companies through the Better Business Bureau, such as if the movers are properly insured or have any complaints lodged against them.

Find online moving deals

Many reputable coupon sites will have moving deals for your area. Pay attention to popular times of year when moves take place, such as prior to and following college semesters, to take advantage of specials. Don’t forget to check out the mover’s website. The moving company may offer special deals to students or offer senior discounts.

Don’t be afraid to ask the moving company if they’re offering any deals when you call for a quote. They may just lower the price if it means they can develop some good word-of-mouth and positive reviews from a customer. Call at least three different companies to receive quotes and compare them to see which one works within your budget. You can always call back a company that you like and tell them you found a cheaper quote from a competitor. The first company may match price quotes to get your service.

Get the agreement in writing

With negotiating for a fair quote and using online discounts, make sure the company puts everything down in the final agreement so there are no arguments on the agreed-upon quote. Double check the contract to make sure it details everything, including the timeline, all applicable fees, cancellation rules, refunds and damage policies before signing the contract.

Packing up your possessions and getting things in order for the movie can be difficult and draining. Enlisting the help of professional movers will definitely ease the strain of the process and take a load off of you – literally. Take the time to do a thorough search. You can save a lot of time and stress by hiring professionals.



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