Colorado Wildfire Update

All Updates are in Red – I try to update hourly! 

UPDATE for Waldo Fire: 346 homes on 35 streets have been destroyed. 

If you are not near Colorado Springs and would still like to help here is a link to a page of charity’s for this area.


It is no secret that Colorado is in need of rain! There are currently more then 10 Large Wildfires burning across the state. It breaks my heart to see all these fires and pictures that all my dear friends are posting on their facebook pages. I have lived in this beautiful state my whole life and I love my beautiful mountains. My prayers are being sent out to all those affected. I also want to say a HUGE Thank you to those firefighters. My Daddy has been a firefighter for over 20 years and I know what a toll that can take on a person!

NEW FIRE – Lightner – 80 Acres – 40% Contained – 70 Firefighters on Scene.

 Pine Ridge  – 12,047 Acres – 50 Homes Evacuated – I-70 One lane open on both sides of Interstate. 5% Contained 150 Firefighters on scene. 

High Park Fire – Estimated 87,284 acres it is 85% contained and has burned 257 homes. Estimated 1,125 Firefighters working on this fire currently.

Woodland Heights– Burned 27.3 acres and is now fully contained. It has burned 22 homes.

Trout Creek – 25 Acres and is now fully contained.

Treasure420 Acres and is currently 50% contained. 123 Personal working on this fire. 

CR102 – 300 Acres burned thus far and has been lowered from 100% Contained to 75% Contained.

Springer – 1,145 Acres and is 100% contained.

Waldo Canyon– (Pictured above) – 16,750 acres, 32,500 evacuated in Major Metropolitan area. 15% Contained. 1,118 Firefighters on scene. 

Stateline – 350 Acres and is now 50% containted

Weber9,279 acres and is now 45% contained. 653 Firefighters on Scene.

Little Sand23,500 acres and is now 34% contained. 237 Firefighters on Scene

Flagstaff Mountain – 288 Acres with 2,400 evacuated.

Sunrise Mines – 5,742 acres

Hewlett – 7,685 Acres

Here are more devastating photo’s my friends are passing along on facebook…



This  is a view of burned homes from the sky…. devastating….I have no words…..

Flying W Ranch…..


  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I have been watching this on the weather channel. It is so heartbreaking. My prayers go out to all as well.

  2. I too have many friends and family in Colorado in the fires’ paths. Here in Utah we’re also starting to see an outbreak of wildfires after the hot / dry winter and spring and there’s really no rain in sight. Thanks for the update!

  3. I was just reading about this in an email that was sent out here at work, and seeing CO facebook friends post about it. My thoughts are with everyone in the area, and I hope that relief comes soon, and continues to pour in via the generosity of others across the US. It’s terrifying and heartbreaking all at the same time.

  4. I sure hope relief comes soon and all the best to those in the area. Best wishes for your safety
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  5. OMG. So scary. I really everyone there the best of luck

  6. This is just so sad. Wish everyone in CO safety.

  7. This is just so sad! I see it on TV and it’s just surreal! Sending my prayers to everyone there. I’ve never been to CO but I’ve seen how beautiful it is! And the firefighters, may they all be safe and go home to their families!

  8. How scary! I have been following this on the news! Horrific!!

  9. Teresha says:

    All those displaced people and animals…just terrible! Thanks God for firefighters

  10. This is so sad and scary! Praying for all who are effected!

  11. My heart goes out to all those families who have to evacuate, let alone the homes that are actually being consumed. I love the Colorado mountains, but this is so disheartening!

  12. Oh how horrible! I have been seeing the reports of the fires on the news…. my thoughts and prayers go out to all of those touch by these awful fires! It is wonderful that you are keeping everyone informed!

  13. I have been watching coverage of these fires on the television and feel so bad for everyone involved. The pictures you have are absolutely amazing! Prayers to everyone fighting the fires and who live near the fires!

  14. How devastating. I must live under a rock. I didn’t know anything about this until now.

  15. Sweet Lord! So very scary! I am sending all kinds of prayers your way!

  16. oh wow…how scary!

  17. So sad and scary. My Father in Law lives near Denver, so we’ve been getting updates through him as well. We are definitely praying for everyone.

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