Clothes you need to pack for your holiday – without breaking the bank

Clothes you need to pack for your holiday – without breaking the bank


If you’re off on holiday this year, you’re probably already counting down the days. A few days away can do us the world of good – whether it’s sitting on a beach on the other side of the world, or just a change of scenery, a holiday can really recharge your batteries.

However, given the cost of going on holiday it can be hard to justify splashing out on new holiday clothes – particularly expensive ones. Yet you don’t want to be caught short should the heavens open, or be wearing hiking boots if it’s baking hot! With that in mind here’s five essential clothes you need to pack, without having to break the bank.

1 – Buy a cheap waterproof hat

Wherever you are going, be it to sunnier climes or where weather’s unpredictable, every traveller needs to pack a good waterproof hat. What can be worse than being caught in a sharp rain shower, with water dripping down your back? It will not only make you miserable, you’ll have to find somewhere to dry your clothes too.

2 – Buy some shorts

On top of the waterproof hat – every traveler needs a good pair of shorts – if only for the multiple times they can be worn for. Paddling in the sea? A pair of three-quarter length shorts are great. Swimming? Buy a pair made of a material which dries quickly. The fact is that shorts are the best item of clothing in your holiday wardrobe, simply because of the amount of ways they can be worn in a crafty holiday-ish way. This means admitting that the summer dress you bought for a party can easily be your sightseeing dress. A blouse you normally wear with jeans will look good with shorts for an alfresco lunch. This isn’t wardrobe downgrading, this is wardrobe multitasking. And your holiday snaps will thank you for it.

3 – Buy waterproof socks

Waterproof socks?” you cry. “Why on earth would I need waterproof socks on my holiday?”. If that sounds like you, here’s why…

A pair of waterproof socks are essential because they keep your feet cool. Regardless of if you’re hiking in the woods or walking through a capital city sightseeing, your feet are going to take some damage. They are going to sweat, they are going to ache, and they are going to blister if you’ve got the wrong socks on. Cotton socks soak up moisture and can lead to sweaty (and smelly!) feet. They can also rub, and this leads to nasty blisters and cracked heels. Believe us, you need to take care of your feet on holiday – and a pair of waterproof walking socks are just the ticket.

4 – An old T shirt

Believe it or not, an old t shirt is probably one of the most important things you need to pack if you’re going on holiday. “Why would I need an old t-shirt? I’m on my holidays! I want to look good, not like something from the 1980s!”. You may laugh, but say it’s scorching hot and you fancy a dip in the pool but don’t fancy getting your shoulders burnt? An old t-shirt is perfect even on top of sunscreen. Going to bed but don’t have any bedclothes? Have an accident outdoors and need an emergency top? It’s worth taking one with you – just in case!

5 – Take your pick

“Ok so I have a hat, I have some shorts, socks and old t-shirt, but I still need clothes I can look good in, don’t I? ! I don’t have much money, so I need to go shopping – right?” – Wrong. Have you thought about holding a holiday clothes-swapping party with your friends? The idea is simple – gather up some summery tops, skirts and dresses which you don’t wear anymore and ask your friends to do the same. Get together and make an evening of it – you’ll not only have a laugh you’ll get something for free too!

So there you have it, a few ideas to get your suitcase packed for your holidays without having to break the bank. Enjoy your break!

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