Three Steps to Organizing Your Desk

Three Steps to Organizing Your Desk


An organized desk makes your working life much easier. You will be able to put your hands on exactly what you need, when you need it instead of spending hours searching under paperwork and behind mugs. It does not take hours to organize your desk and you can do it gradually over time if you need to.

Remove Everything From Your Desk

Take away everything that you can from your desk. It is unlikely that you will be able to put the computer on the floor but remove items like your pen holder, paperwork and folders. This will help you start with a clean desk and only put the items back on that you actually need. Go through the drawers to the desk, too, and remove everything from them. Place everything that you have on the floor with everything from the top of the desk. This will help to avoid forgetting about important paperwork but keeping hold of things that you don’t need.

Prioritize Your Items

Now go through all the items on the floor. Make separate piles of everything – one pile should be items that you can throw out, another pile is of things you need but not essential items and a third should be all the items that you need close by or essential and important items and paperwork. The essential items will need to be placed on your desk or in your top drawer so that they are close by. It is up to you what you class as essential but you will likely need pens, scissors, important documents and your coffee mug!

Place everything else in the rest of your drawers in an order that is easy to remember. The least important items should be placed in your bottom drawer while those that you need often but not every day will need to go in the middle drawer.

Avoid Cluttering Your Desk

Avoid putting too much on the top of your desk. Put as much as you can away in drawers to help keep your space organized. When you get new paperwork, avoid leaving them on the top of the desk. File them away or put them in the right drawer depending on importance. This will help to stay on top of your newly organized work life.

But what do you really need on the top of your desk? You may think that you need files, mugs, pens, paperclips and hole punches but this is not the case. You actually need very little on the top. The computer is essential but after that, it is likely that you need a small holder for pens and only have one or two pens, pencils, a ruler and a pair of scissors and a tray for documents so your colleagues can put the documents in there to help you keep your workspace clear. Of course, your favorite coffee mug is essential to keep you going through the day.

Now that you have an organized desk, you will find that your productivity levels increase. You will spend less time searching for everything so spend more time at work. This leads to fewer late evenings to get everything done and more time socializing with your colleagues, friends and family members.


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