4 Uses For Cheap Business Card Magnets

Ink Garden

Vistaprint has an awesome new deal available that I am so excited about. Why am I excited to get 50 business magnets for only $2.00.  Because they make amazing little photo gifts actually.  I send them with the grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc whenever I have the chance.  They get the latest photos available and I know they are not just going in the trash.

The second use is on my own fridge with photos of those who I want the kiddos to know but we don’t see very often.  Send the extras onto other members of the family who might like photos of Uncle Brad as well.

Third reason is because they make great mini dry erase boards.  Get them blank or with a light color and you can have the whole alphabet on the fridge with a dry erase marker to practice with.

Fourth reason…think of the little notes you send with your kiddos in their lunch boxes.  Reusable and lots on hand just in case they find the trash or get used up.

These business card magnets are super cheap and multiple uses!

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