How to save hundreds of dollars on cleaning supplies

How to save hundreds of dollars on cleaning supplies

Does it seem like you’re constantly dumping money on another gallon of laundry detergent? Does it seem like stain remover, toilet bowl cleaner, glass spray and all those other cleaning supplies are becoming more expensive and run out way too soon after you buy them? Ever wonder if there’s anything you can do to stop feeling like your (literally) pouring money down the drain? With some simple changes and a little bit of effort, you can!

  • Use cleaners sparingly. You may like the fresh scent of pledge that lingers around your house after your dust but you can still get clean looking surfaces and leave the house smelling great if you use half of the amount you normally do. Try using the same practice on glass cleaners and other sprays and laundry detergent as well. Start with cutting the amount you use in half. If you feel like you need more, build back up to what is perfect for you.
  • Water it down! There are many different things you can water down and they will still be effective in cleaning. One thing you should NOT water down is glass cleaner. It will leave your windows with unsightly streaks. As far as what you can water down, here’s a great tip that works for fabric softener. Instead of using a capful of fabric softener in each load of laundry, or going through a box of dryer sheets every few weeks, try this: Pour 1 bottle of fabric softener into a larger bucket or bowl that has some time of lid for it. Pour an equal amount of water in. Throw an old rag or sock in there between laundry loads. When you’re ready to dry the clothes, take the rag out, wring the liquid out of it and throw it in the dryer. This method works great for softening your fabrics, making the clothes smell great and it lasts much longer that using other methods of fabric softening.
  • The third thing you can do to save money is make it yourself. Some people cringe at this and are quick to turn down the idea for a few reasons. Either they think they don’t have the time, they don’t think they’ll be able to figure out how to make it or it just sounds like too much work. If you’re really ready to save money around the house, homemade cleaners cost next to nothing and are better for your family as they do not contain as many harsh chemicals as store bought products. Homemade laundry soap can be made for around $0.15 a gallon using 1 bar of Fels-Naptha soap, 1 cup each of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Powder & Borax and around 10 gallons of water. (Ever notice that the first ingredient in most detergents is water? You’re paying a lot of money for mostly water). Homemade glass cleaner can be made with equal parts of water, alcohol and vinegar. The list of homemade cleaners available is endless. Start replacing those expensive store bought ones with homemade. It really doesn’t take much time and it saves a whole lot of money!

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