Red, White and Blue for Independence Day

Red, White and Blue for Independence Day

4th of July is just around the corner and no better time to start preparing for how you’re going to celebrate America’s freedom and independence. Whether it’s an outdoor BBQ with friends or a pool party with family or a beach picnic with the neighbors, 4th of July is a wonderful time to wear, eat and showcase the colors of red, white and blue. Getting children involved in your fun and crafty projects will give everyone that star-spangled feeling.

The American flag colors of red, white and blue are naturally found in lots of fruits and veggies. Play with different color and food combinations to create healthy 4th of July snacks, sweet USA spirited desserts or patriotic table centerpieces. Tomatoes, red peppers, lychees (out of their shell), onions, potatoes, red apples, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, coconut, radishes, garlic are just a few of the wonderful fresh produce you can use to create tasty Independence day concoctions. Kids love to play with food – you could even assemble a bunch of these items on a table and gather the kids around to create their own 4th of July craft art masterpieces. Getting kids involved with the festivities is a win-win for them and for you.

Looking for that special 4th of July touch to add inside your home? Take out the red, white and blue construction paper, pencils, pens, crayons and glue sticks for children and wait and see what develops. You might just end up with patriotic string of stars for your stair case, or a patriotic cut paper cake with candles or a cute Statue of Liberty drawing to post on your fridge. If kids need a little inspiration for coming up with 4th of July creations, giving them keywords like flag, liberty bell, American flag, Statue of Liberty, fireworks, Declaration of Independence and freedom to jump-start their creativity. There are also plenty of great books about the 4th of July and free 4th of July trivia and facts all around the web to share with them.

If you don’t have kids around then do it yourself or host a 4th of July crafting or baking event with your friends. Exchange Independence day ideas and recipes for unique red, white and blue party ideas and serving suggestions. Have fun preparing for 4th of July, make your own party invitations, bake an American flag cake, wear a 4th of July t-shirt or fly a star-spangled kite.


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