4 easy sewing projects for your kids

4 easy sewing projects for your kids

It’s summer! There are so many reasons to be excited about this. Whether it is the longer days, warmer weather, or the availability to see your children more frequently, it is in an exciting time. It can also be a frustrating time for some. While your older children may pursue summer employment, your younger children will likely be at home. What to do all summer? Have you ever thought about a sewing project, or two? There are many great ones out there that don’t require a significant background in sewing. Interested? Read on!
1. Beach Cover- Ups (for any item from your phone to you!)
You will want to start by choosing a cloth pattern for the cover-up. You may want to go with something bright, especially if you will be taking it to the beach.  Cut a rectangle as wide as the object you want to put in the cover-up. You will also want to make sure you factor in 1/2” for seams and 2 1/4′ for height (for horizontal projects, flip these dimensions.)  Fold the project into a pocket shape with the right side facing forward and stitch the sides together. Easy!
2. T-shirt backpack (this one will require an adult as it includes an eyelet or grommet kit)
You are going to want to start by turning the t-shirt inside out and cutting off the sleeves to the armpits. You will not need the sleeves of the shirt. Next, you will use the needle and thread to sew a simple stitch across the shirt. This should be  about a half inch in from the cut edge. By doing this, you are creating the bottom of the bag. Next, you will turn the shirt inside out to cut all of the way through at the middle section.  Next, you will want to follow the instructions to add the grommet.  This will go on the bottom corners of the bag. Last but not least, thread the cord through, and voila, new backpack! This will be great for using at the pool or the beach (perhaps with your new cover-up!)

3. Scarf Ipod dock

Got a child who loves their Ipod or phone? Now, you can let them take their mp3 player with them everywhere, and still have a warm neck. Though the scarf may not be a summer wearing item, it’ll be great to have it on hand for the cold winter months!  First you will cut a piece of polar fleece into a long rectangle. This will be dependent on your child’s height, and length needed. To make the pocket, you will want to cut a polar fleece rectangle that’s about an inch wider than your Ipod. Next, you will thread an embroidery needle with embroidery floss. To sew the the scarf, you will want to stitch the whole way through. To let the scarf reflect your child’s style, you may want add a pom-pom, cut some fringe, or add a patch. It’s all up to you and your child!

4. Creating your own doll

These days, it seems like everyone has the latest electronic devices and gadgets as their toys. However, a great bonding project is creating a doll. You will work with your child every step of the way on this project from cutting the pattern to stuffing the doll to sewing it’s  clothing.  The doll can even been made to look like your child, creating their own “mini me.”  For this one, you will want to invest into a doll pattern. This can also be a great bonding experience for you and your child. It can be a “long term” project in which you focus on small segments over a chunk of the summer. The options for this project are endless! 

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