3 Tasty Chicken Breast Recipes

3 Tasty Chicken Breast Recipes

If you want to feed your family healthy meals, you probably rely a lot on boneless, skinless chicken breast. It can get a bit monotonous however. To liven things up, I often try out new recipes I find around the internet. Lately, Pinterest has been a huge resource for me. Well, without further ado, here are three recipes that I’ve tried that are new family favorites.

Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps – These wraps are tasty and good for you. Not only that, but they sure stretch the budget and take only a few minutes to prepare. For added speed, have some chicken already cooked that you can just shred up. My family loves Mexican style food, so this bean, rice and chicken meal is a hit. 


Parmesan and Panko Encrusted Chicken – Wow, wow, wow. Crispy and delicious, these lightly fried in olive oil treats are so tasty. What kid doesn’t like bread crumbs and cheese, right? Fancy enough to serve at a party, easy enough to make in a hurry. A great recipe.
Chicken Lasagna – Okay, noodles, cheese, and chicken. It is a guaranteed hit. If you are like me and hate dealing with lasagna noodles, just use large sea shells or penne pasta instead. It is not as pretty, but it tastes just as good and speeds up the process a bit. Anyway you make it, this recipe is tasty.


Chicken is a versatile and healthy meat. The only problem is that if you use the same recipes over and over again, everything starts to taste the same. Spice it up with these three great new ways to prepare your family’s meals.


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  1. Sam Eagle says:

    Those look really good will have to try out those recipes

  2. Monica Steele says:

    Thanks for posting these chickenr recipes – I’m always looking for something different to make with chicken!

  3. Rocio Garcia Skinner says:

    My husband is a HUGE fan of lasagna and although I like it, I get a little bored of the same thing again and again. This chicken lasagna looks delish and I can’t wait to try it out for a change to a favorite! Thanks!

  4. Oh YUMMMM… these all look so wonderful! I am going to go get some panko bread crumbs and make that tonight! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  5. Sam Eagle says:

    I will have to try & make some of these recipes I love to cook

  6. These all sound wonderful! I always do the same boring meals….this will be a nice change for the family 🙂

  7. LAMusing says:

    Always looking for new recipes for Chicken! Thanks! The Parmesan Panko recipe looks yummy.

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