Six home money saving tips

Six home money saving tips

Times is hard, times is tough,” Grammy-winning Loudon Wainwright III wrote in 2009. And in tough times like these, many homeowners are looking for ways to save money. Here are six home money saving techniques that will help keep your checkbook out of the red.

1. Install a programmable thermostat
Heating and cooling can be a major expense for homeowners, but equipping your house with a programmable thermostat is a great way to cut costs. These devices can be set to turn off the heat or air when you aren’t home. By turning your heating and cooling system off for several hours a day, you can save between 10 and 20 percent on your bill. Programmable thermostats are sold at most home improvement stores, and range between $50 and $200.

2. Eat smart and stick to the list
It seems like a simple tip, but grocery stores are designed to lure you into spending more. Always make a list of what you need before you shop, and then stick with it. You’ll save buckets in the long run by avoiding impulse purchases. Also, instead of planning your daily meals around the cookbook, plan your dishes based on the weekly sales and offers at the supermarket. Pasta is 60 percent off? Make spaghetti!

3. Regularly maintain appliances

How long has it been since you vacuumed behind the dryer or dishwasher? Practicing regular “maintenance runs” on your household appliances will extend their lifespan and reduce breakdowns. Check that vents are clear, and keep appliances clean. The less dust and grime, the more efficiently your appliances will run.

4. Start a garden
Gardening is an easy and fun way to save a bundle on groceries. Fresh fruits and veggies can cost an arm and a leg at the grocery stores, but a packet of seeds will only set you back a couple of bucks, and in a couple months you’ll have all the veggies you can eat. And you don’t have to have a gigantic yard to pull this off — even growing just a few plants will pay off. 

5. Keep your car tires full
If your car’s tires aren’t fully pumped up, you are losing gas mileage. In fact, for every two PSI that your tires are flat, you lose one percent on gas mileage. So head to the nearest gas station and put some air in your tires. You can easily improve your gas mileage by five to eight percent.

6. Research before you buy
When it’s time to buy a new home appliance, it’s tempting to march straight to the store and buy the cheapest option. But when it comes to appliances, the best deals are often the energy efficient and reliable appliances that will last for years, but don’t have the cheapest price tag. Investing a bit more when you purchase a new appliance can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Take some time before you purchase to read reviews and energy ratings, then purchase the most reliable appliance you can.

Jeremy is a writer, frugal living and social media guru. He spends his time encouraging homeowners to complete their own repairs as a Community Coordinator for the home repair andappliance parts resource,



  1. Good piece, Jeremy. I think most people would be surprised at how much a programmable thermostat might save them– and how easy it is to install one.

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