I’m Ready for a Change!

My weight is something I have been battling with since the birth of my daughter. In my pregnancy I ended up with toxemia and a weight gain that was far beyond what any pregnant woman should ever gain.

Thanks to Creative BioScience I might have a way for me to lose the pounds I am in need of losing! As some of you know I was battling with my decision between hCG and African Mango. Some of you commented to me that hCG was the way to go and others said that you wanted to read more about the effects of African Mango since it would fit better with your day to day lives as it is hard to count calories and eat different food then what you serve your families. I have closely looked through their site and all they have to offer. I have decided to give African Mango Lean a try.

The reason behind this is not only because that was the #1 choice on my facebook page but also because I agree that it is hard to make different food for yourself then you do for your family. With the African Mango I can live my life exactly how I am living it now but still see a change in my body. This is what I am hoping for anyway and I am very excited to start this journey! I will keep you all updated with my progress!

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