Money Saving Tips For The Frugal Obsessed

Money Saving Tips For The Frugal Obsessed

There are plenty of money saving tips floating around the internet; the obvious ones of course such as “walk to work”, “shop around for groceries” etc… are all pretty basic. But if you are a really dedicated frugal enthusiast these are the tips for you – 5 seriously miserly ways to save money!

Don’t Buy Presents

Christmas, birthdays and special occasions are expensive and doubly so if you are the type of person that feels you have to buy presents for cousins, nephews, aunties and the rest. Why not consider trimming your presents list to just your close family? If you have a distant cousin who still buys presents for you, make a pact with them and agree not to any more.

Dryer Fluff

All that fluff or ‘lint’ that collects in the dryer is usually just thrown away, but if you can think of a way to use it then why not do so? Save up enough and you can use it to make cushions. It is also great for making bedding for your pets. It can be used as kindling for a camp fire and you can repair old teddies with it. The possibilities are many…

Re-Use Grey Water

When you flush the toilet – something that you probably do several times a day – you are wasting clean water that could have been used for a different purpose. Instead, why not save used washing up water or bath water? It’s not drinkable, but it’s perfectly good for flushing with.

Watering Down

Drinking weaker cordial is an obvious way to save money, you could even take to carefully measuring out your servings so that you never use too much. You will be surprised how quickly you get used to drinking it weaker.

If you want to take this further though, you can even dilute fizzy drinks and things like milk – just be careful not to go too far. Overdo it and you’ll end up throwing it out, which isn’t going to save you any money at all.

Don’t Iron Clothes

Personally I have always found ironing to be a bit pointless – whoever decided that having creased clothes is so wrong?

Anyway, ironing is also a waste of electricity; so try to hang out clothes to dry and then fold them well. Also wear the sorts of clothes that don’t need ironing as much. Most clothes will actually look ok not ironed, and creases drop out anyway.


What do you think then? As promised, these are perhaps the most extreme money saving tips out there, and they’re almost certainly a bit further than you should really go. Do you know anyone that tight fisted?

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  1. Vickie Couturier says:

    we are doing a lot of what you have posted to save money,,,trying hard to hang clothes out to dry,,drink more water a less soda

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