Black & Decker Power Tools Can Make Life Easier for the Do-It-Yourself Homeowner

Black & Decker Power Tools Can Make Life Easier for the Do-It-Yourself Homeowner

Black & Decker power tools can make life much easier when performing many of your do-it-yourself projects around the house. Having the right tools can mean the difference of having the ability to complete the project yourself, or creating a need to hire a professional service. As expensive as it has to hire a professional, you can buy a large quantity of professional power tools, and still save money, simply doing the project yourself.

Letting the Tool Do the Work

Even if you are not good with your hands, the right tools can often help you master many jobs, and get it done quicker and better. A quality circular saw can accurately cut lumber more efficiently and accurately than a hand saw. Cordless drills can easily be adjusted to lower the torque and driving speed to use it as a powerful screwdriver, or to quickly drive lags bolts deep into dense lumber. The effectiveness of a power tool cannot be overstated in helping you complete many more do-it-yourself projects that you could without them.

Gauging the Challenge of the Job

Every job in the house requires a certain skill level, with several that might appear too difficult and challenging for some homeowners. There will be jobs that seem overwhelming and impossible to achieve, based on the things you do not know about performing the project. However, with good instructions, quality power tools and determination, you can perform these tasks yourself, save money and become more skilled at working around the house.

Stationary and Portable

Power tools are manufactured for specific uses including those that are portable or stationary. Portable (usually hand-held) tools are meant to be taken to the site of the job to perform. Stationary tools, such as table saws, are designed to bring a portion of the project to the tool for a more accurate result.

Power Tools Every Household Should Have

The minimum (must have) power tools every household should have on hand include: a circular saw, a 3/8″ drill (corded or cordless), a power screwdriver, and a power sander. The “should have” power tools include a reciprocating saw, a ½” drill, and a grinder. The list of “wish you had” power tools would include a hammer drill, and cut off saw, a disc cutter, a router and a power hammer (pneumatic air or gas driven).

Non-Power Tools & Items Every Household Should Have

Every household should have: a set of adjustable wrenches, Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, a hammer, and a sharp cutting razor knife. Additionally, you should keep a large variety of: nuts & bolts, wires & tapes on hand, along with nails & screws. You should have a short ladder with one or two steps and a six-foot ladder so you can easily reach the taller ceilings in your home.

With nearly a century of creative and innovative thinking, Black & Decker power tools have become the standard power equipment for many households. Whether you perform a lot of home improvement jobs around your house, or simply a few, their durable and rugged power tools can handle almost any job you have.




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