SuperPoints= FREE Gift Cards, Electronics and More!

Have you Pushed your Super Lucky Button Today? Remember SuperPoints is a great way to earn Paypal Cash, Amazon Gift Cards and more!

I myself have purchased MANY Amazon Gift Cards thanks to my Super Lucky Button!

What is SuperPoints? SuperPoints is an Invite Only Site that will allow you to score points based off your daily e-mail and pushing the super lucky button as well as other methods! You can then cash out your points for Gift Cards, Electronics, Toys & Games etc…

They are VERY Easy to earn points with and it’s FREE to join!


You may go HERE to join!



  1. Angela s says:

    I recommend this to everyone who wants to earn gift cards or PayPal cash! It is sooo easy to earn, and I usually pick the Amazon gift cards and save them up for Christmas time. I sometimes use the Amazon cards to buy household goods like toilet paper. I also highly recommend Swagbucks. I have earned a lot just by doing the searches I normally do on a daily basis.

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