Pointers In Teaching Motivating Kids To Recycle – Guest Post!

Making Recycling Time Incredibly Fun For Your Kids


We all know how helpful recycling is to the mission of saving the environment. Our planet is so full of various forms of trash right now that it is greatly important for all of us to develop a recycling habit. Everyone should know how to do recycling, even kids! So the crucial question to ask now is, “How do you encourage your kids to recycle?” How can you make this task enjoyable for them?


Pointers In Teaching Motivating Kids To Recycle


In order for you to inspire your kids to take on recycling tasks, you need to explain to them the importance of doing so, teach them some basic recycling procedures, and reward or acknowledge them for each progress they make. It is important for you to be there for them every step of the way so they will be properly guided. Here are some tips that may help you execute this challenging task:

  1. Think of a really creative way to teach them the value if recycling.

You need to explain the importance of recycling to your kids first so they’ll understand why they need to do it in the first place. You can set up a demonstration, prepare a video presentation, or just have a hearty talk with them about the subject matter. Make sure to include them in the discussion so you’ll know their thoughts about the subject matter.

  1. Start with simple recycling projects.

To make recycling easy and convenient for your kids, start with basic recycling activities. Teach them to turn their shoe boxes or cartons into a makeshift accessories box, personal items container, and the like. Encourage them to express their individuality, creativity, and artistry.

  1. Organize recycling contests and make sure to give out great prizes.

One good way to motivate them to recycle is to organize a friendly competition among your kids or between them and their friends. Prepare great prizes so they will be highly motivated to do their best.

  1. Point out possible recycling projects every day.

In order to establish continuity, make sure to point out or suggest possible recycling projects to them every day. Make them realize that almost all household items can be recycled if you’ll just be creative about it.

Getting kids to do and like recycling projects can surely be difficult but if you follow the tips above, the task will be more manageable. I encourage you to teach your kids how to recycle so they can be instrumental to environment conservation too. Do you have any recycling teaching techniques up your sleeves right now?

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