Daily Trivia – $15 McDonalds Gift Card

Want to win a $15 McDonlads Gift Card? Of course you do! Welcome to our Daily Trivia Challenge where you can answer some simple questions to earn cash, gift cards, and lots of other great prizes! Come back every day for your new question. Questions must be answered on the day they are posted to receive credit, so make sure you come back and check in with us every day! Each correct answer will win you one entry for the monthly trivia prize (this month it’s a $15 McDonalds Gift Card).

Trivia questions will be posted at 9:00am MST daily and must be answered by 11:59 pm MST that same day. Your trivia question for June 7th, 2012 is:

Question: Who painted the famed Last Supper?


  1. Mmmmm a week’s worth of strawberry lemonades!

  2. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I tired to enter my answer earlier while using my Mom’s laptop; however, nothing happened when I clicked submit. I’m home now, so wanted to try again. I apologize if this is a duplicate entry.

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