May Daily Trivia Answers & Winner

May ended with 440 answers.  Congrats to Hannah Beck  for correctly answering  The term CD stands for what? Compact Disc.  Thank you for participating in our monthly trivia and looking forward to June!

Which metal is heavier: silver or gold? Gold
What breed of animal is a blue heeler? Dog
The first British colony in America was where? Roanoke Island in 1585
How many legs does a butterfly have? 6
The symbol of the Olympic games is composed of how many interlocking circles? 5
Sir Author Conan Doyle is famous for what literary character? Sherlock Holmes
Which is the country with the most people? China
Dong is the currency of which country? Vietnam
An adjective describes what? A noun or a pronoun
What is the largest US state? Alaska
What gift is associated with the 25th wedding anniversary? Silver
What famous English women was named the Iron Lady? Margret Thatcher
Gatorade was invented to curb the dehydration of what sport’s team? Florida Gators
Which country has the largest area of land? Russia
What year did the Berlin wall fall? 1989
How many rings does Saturn have around it? 7
What is the only rock that humans eat? Salt
What indoor sport is the most popular in the us? Basketball
Finish this statement…Curiosity killed the ____. Cat
What are the three primary colors? Red, Yellow, Blue
The term CD stands for what? Compact Disc
What is the Aurora Borealis known as? The Northern Lights
Who’s nose grows when he tells a lie? Pinocchio
Which star or astrological sign is represented by twins? Gemini
How many books are in the Harry Potter series? 7
What is a baby kangaroo called? Joey
Who won the very first American Idol? Kelly Clarkson
What is the smallest ocean in the world? Artic
What do you call the traditional Japanese art of folding paper? Origami
What year did the US gain their independence? 1776


  1. 1776 is not correct

    • The US actually gained independence from Britain in 1783, with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Most people think that the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th. That is inaccurate, as well. The Declaration of Independence was signed in August of 1776.

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