4 Backyard Game Ideas

4 Backyard Game Ideas

When summer rolls around, and it is warm enough to camp out in the backyard the whole day, there is nothing like easy backyard games to pass the time. Here is a list of 4 backyard games that will get your kids away from the T.V. and in the backyard for some fun outdoor games.

Create scavenger hunts. These hunts can be fun for people of all ages and are an easy way to keep everyone interested. Just hand your kids a list of items to find in the backyard. To be safe try to avoid things that can be harmful to them like sharp rocks or sticks. Include things like leaves or flowers on the list. Once they return tally up all the items they have found to determine the winner.

Have your own Potato Sack Race. These races are always fun, and easy to conduct. Just set aside enough sacks for everyone participating in the race. Create a finish line using markers, and assign someone the task of being the referee. Conduct the race on grass, that way if someone falls they have a soft surface to cushion their fall.

Create fun games with chalk. Hopscotch and tic-tac-toe are some of the oldest and easiest games that can be created using chalk. You can even have your kids create the games themselves.

Have fun outdoors with obstacle courses. These types of games are ones that children look forward to. They can even be enjoyable for adults of all ages. You can use things like cones, and rope to make the rope a bit challenging. If you want to incorporate a potato sack race into the course, that can also work as a great idea.

Backyard games are supposed to be fun, so one way to keep the fun alive is by taking care of safety. This includes guarding your pool with a pool safety fence and cover it with a pool cover, especially if your children do not know how to swim. Get rid of an objects lying around like toys. Lastly make sure that the games are supervised by an adult, that is able to act a participant and a supervisor.



  1. sheri grennille says:

    the scavenger hunt is also fun to do at a playground / park / walking trail.

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