How To Save Money When Purchasing A Car -Guest Post!

How To Save Money When Purchasing A Car

So, you’re purchasing a car and you want to get the very best deal, right? Contrary to some popular beliefs, you can really save money on a car purchase if you have the proper information and some basic tools for negotiating. Check out these great tips for dealing with the seller of your dream car.

Before physically viewing the car you are interested in, there are a couple things you must consider and have prepared. Most likely you have seen the car you want on the Internet, in a newspaper or magazine and would like to take a closer look. Where price is concerned, you should first do some price comparisons with cars that have the same specifications of which you are interested. It is of the utmost importance to have your budget prepared and plan to commit to that budget. When you offer cash it gives the seller has more of a guarantee of payment up front. Financing only delays the process.

Inquiries to the seller can also save you money and time. Some preliminary questioning before going to view the car can help you determine if you want to proceed. The following are good queries for the seller:

– Is the car still available for sale?
– What is the color?
– What is the current mileage?
– How long have you owned the car?
– Is the price negotiable?

If the answers you get are satisfactory, set up a time to take a physical look at the car. Once you get the opportunity to do so, verify the answers you were given over the phone by checking out those areas you asked about. See if there are extra things to be done to the car to bring it up to the standards you expect, then work out the costs mentally. Ask for a test drive without the stereo on so that you can listen for any unusual noises. During this experience, silently come up with a price you are prepared to offer, but make sure that it is reasonably less than your limit. This gives you room to negotiate.

Once you have decided to make the actual purchase at the right price, there are a few things to remember. This is not the only car in the world and some may be better. Take your time closing the deal and don’t let the seller deter you by saying that he has another buyer waiting to purchase the car.

Just as important as what you do is what you say, especially if a negotiating situation takes place.

– Start with, “I would like to make an offer.”
– Inform the seller about your cost estimations for any needed repairs
– Proceed to making your offer, but only within your price limit, not exceeding your maximum.

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