9 Tips To Save You Money

1.  Pack your lunch

2.  Sign up all members for loyalty programs.  It helps to only have one e-mail address per a member that these deals go directly to.

3.  A coffee a day keeps your savings at bay.  Drink your coffee at home.

4.  Don’t make extra trips to the store.  Not only is gas pricey but the more trips you take the more liable you are to impulse shop.

5.  Keep snacks and drinks in the car.  How many times have you been out running errands and somebody has gotten thirsty or hungry?  Perhaps the kids sucker you into something every time you are at the gas station filling up?

6.  Attend community events or free museum days.  Home depot shops,

7.  Purchase items used when possible.  Let somebody else pay the “sticker” price and you get the use out of it.

8.  Plan your meals around your sales ad.   Not the other way.

9.  Price shop your monthly expenses.  New internet, cable companies etc pop up everyday it seems.  Price shop these every six months or so to stay on top of the best deals.


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