Domed Cold Beverage Lid For Your Afternoon Pick Me Up

Love starbucks but hate the thought of using another plastic cup that you are going to throw away for your frappacino.  I was browsing around the Starbucks store today and came across a re-usable cup for a cold drink.  I know that there are a few of these on the market but this is the first time I have seen one with a domed lid.  Plenty of room for that delicious whip cream they top all your drinks with!

You purchase your favorite size cold cup (12,16 or 24 oz) and the domed lid is only an additional $2.95.  One more reason to love Starbucks right?



  1. Ashley H says:

    Can you say awesome much that cup is beautiful!

    • Ashley-
      Absolutely genius. I had never seen one before so I am amazed. If you get one let us know how well it works. Have a great day!

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