April Daily Trivia Answers & Winner Announcement

April ended with 727 answers.  WOW!!  Congrats to Valerie for correctly answering Michigan as the state that Henry Ford, Gerald Ford, Madonna, and Diana Ross were all from. I loved reading all the answers and thank you to those who submitted questions for next month!

What is today’s holiday although not national? April Fool’s Day/Palm Sunday
What’s most likely to occur when your diaphragm goes into spasms? Hiccups
Name the Movie that Bruce Willis plays the voice of a baby? Look Who’s Talking
What is the most northern state in the United States? Alaska
Who played the female lead in Sleepless in Seattle? Meg Ryan
Radio can be broadcast on the AM or FM bands. What do AM and FM stand for? AM stands for amplitude modulation and FM stands for frequency modulation
How many bones are in the human body? 206
Which Menacing US sitcom was screened as Just Dennis in the UK? I adored this show 🙂 Dennis The Menace
How long was the 100 year war? 116
Which small insect species enjoys sharing a picnic lunch with people and their crumbs? Ants
Gotham City was protected by what super hero? Batman
PA is the postal code for what state? Pennsylvania
Agent Gibbs stars in what prime time t.v show? NCIS
Where the Sidewalk Ends was written by what famous children’s author? Shel Silverstein
The winner of the first Miss America pageant, Margaret Gorman, was crowned in 1921, but she did not live in, nor represent, any U.S. state. Which place did she represent? Washington D.C.
All these people come from the same state: Henry Ford, Gerald Ford, Madonna, and Diana Ross. Which state is it? Michigan
A person who studies fossils and prehistoric life such as dinosaurs is known as a what? Paleontologist
True or false? Allosarus is the state of Colorado state dinosaur. False, it’s the Stegosaurus
What state of the USA is the grand canyon located in? Arizona
Do male or female mosquitoes bite people? Females
The zipcode 90210 belongs to what popular city? Beverly Hills
Which of the witches was killed when Dorothy’s house landed in Oz? Witch of the East
What was the heroine’s name in “Gone With the Wind”? Scarlett O’Hara
What is the most common color used in M & M candies? BROWN – about 30%
What kind of animal does Jasmine have for a pet, in the Disney movie “Aladdin”?  Tiger
In what picture did Mickey Mouse make his film debut? Steamboat Willie
This country is one of the largest wine-producing countries of the world, where wine is grown in every region of the country. Which country is this? Italy
What was bovine spongiform encephalopathy called by the british press in 1996? Mad Cow Disease
During the Middle Ages, stonemasons would carve grotesquely decorative rain spouts along the ends of the roofs, in the form of animals or faces. What are these things called? Gargoyles

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