Earn Prizes With NCP! No Landline Needed!!

Recently I was accepted into the Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel! I am SO excited to get my scanner and be on my way to earning points for FREE Stuff! And guess what! Nielsen has openings again!

Would you like to be part of the Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel? You can! How does it work? Well if you are chosen you will receive a scanner. Then Nielsen will ask you to scan each item you purchase and plug it into the computer to let them know what you purchased! Each time you do that you will earn points that can be used toward FREE Electronics, Household Items, Jewelry, Toys, Gift Cards and more! You can go HERE to check it out! Let me know if you get accepted!

Please know that NCP is not looking for Members in all areas! But it is worth a shot! Just fill out the form and they will let you know!

UPDATE -My Experience:

My scanner arrived and I was surprised at how small it was. It is actually smaller than my cell phone! Also the scanning is much easier than I had first heard. I had some readers tell me that in the past when they did this that there was a book of bar codes for the items without a bar code. There is no longer a book but a nice 8×10 folded in half sheet.

Another thing that has been of some concern for some readers was transmitting the data. With my scanner I do not need to worry about transmitting the data as my scanner is set up to automatically transmit once each week! No worries for me!

The third thing I have heard about is the point system. Now I have only been with them for a few weeks but I can say that I have already gained 150 points in my account!

2 Month Update

– It’s Been Two Months! I am still in love with it! I have had lots of opportunities to gain points and I have not had any issues with the scanner! All I have to do is pack it along to the store with me! My daughter has now learned how to work it (as it is not hard) and she loves to scan the items as we place them in the cart! There is nothing else I have to do so it really is an easy way to get some awesome stuff!

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