Food on the Table FREE For Life with This Coupon Code!

You all know how much I love coupons! But at times it is hard to know what meals to cook for my family when all I am buying are the items I got for a good deal! Food on the Table is an awesome site that will help you plan your family meals using the items you purchased at your local store on a sale!

As soon as I signed up I was taken to a site that let me choose my local store(s).  I was then taken to a page where I could list the meats that I had on hand as well as the days of the week that I wanted to cook them! There was also a little ‘Sale’ tag on the meats that were currently on sale at my local City Market!

I could then choose my ingredients (these were also marked by what was on sale) and then was able to pick out the recipes I wanted and print my shopping list! It was SO easy to plan my meals for the week and I know that I will be saving money because I only purchase the sale items and deals! Love it!

How would you like to have Food On the Table FREE for life? For the month of April you can sign up and get Food on the Table FREE for life by using coupon code SPRINGFREE


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