I’m Not Tired Yet By Marianne Richmond – Review & Giveaway

About The Book

Ralphie Mix, at age of six, didn’t want to go to bed.

Join Ralphie and national bestselling author and illustrator Marianne Richmond in an endearing bedtime routine that will charm you night after night. Six year old Ralphie invents every excuse to delay his bedtime. His perceptive mom, however, sees his stalling as her invitation to engage Ralphie in a silly series of kisses, hugs, pinches and pokes – all inspired by his favorite animals and each leaving the twosome in a heap of giggles.

My Thoughts

Coulter and I have found a new favorite bedtime book. We make reading a nightly thing in our house and Coulter can just about recite all of I’m Not Tired Yet! Mostly because it’s him in a nutshell! We have created a routine in our own house and if a step is missed than we are in for crying until every step has been completed. Ralphie reminds me so much of Coulter and how Ralphie needs his routine filled with cuddly bear hugs, caterpillar tickles and gorilla hugs.

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