DIY Pickle Jar Candy Dishes!

Recenlty I found a great idea at a local craft fair in town and if you know me at all you know that when I see a craft I have to try to figure it out myself! – The craft was a pickle jar candy dish! Since seeing that cute craft I have now made many of them and love how fun they are to make and how neat they look in the house! Recently I also made some for Christmas gifts for my loved ones!

First I took an empty pickle/pepper jar and washed it out and removed the label.

Second I painted a wooden candle stick white along with the lid of the pepper jar (I found the candle sticks at Michaels, they also had glas candle sticks that will work well)

After I painted the lid and candle stick I took E6000 glue and glued the jars onto the candle sticks.

After the glue has dried I filled the jar full of candy! It really was that easy!!

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  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    So cool. Thanks for sharing this. Wouldn’t these be cute, if you used a really, really big pickle jar and a big stand of some sort, to give baby bibs in for a baby shower. I mean large enough, so the mommy could reach in a pick out a new baby bib for every day or more of the week.

  2. how did you get rid of the pickle smell???

  3. Connie Duckworth says:

    Looks like the Redneck wine glass… Filler-up.

  4. Katheryne says:

    This would be an awesome idea using a mason jar…for all of my southern family. They would get such a kick out of it!

  5. Rocio Skinner says:

    I love this idea 🙂 I’m all about Recycle, but Re-purposing is even better

  6. Dianna Thomas says:

    I think this is pretty cool– and I know my kids and I can make Micheal one for Fathers Day,thanks

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