Lose weight with Curves! Guest Pass just $10!


A Year and a Half Ago I joined the Curves Community! I was a little nervous and did not know what to expect! I wanted a play that I could go but did not want to have to worry about looking silly as I worked out! After much investigation into the gyms around me Curves just seemed to be the only way to go! I knew that it was more private and I loved that there would only be Girls there while I worked out!

When I got there I seen that they did not have a bunch of the gym equipment that I had expected? How would a workout like this work? They were playing awesome upbeat music and everyone was dancing around! Every 30 seconds they were switching stations in a neat circle around the room! What? This was unlike anything I had ever seen!

I could not wait to get started! Not only was I going to be able to dance around to good music but I was going to be able to work every muscle in my body in just a 30 Minute workout! Yep that is how long it takes to get around the ‘Circle’ of equipment!

I really enjoy Curves! I have lost lbs and have gained great friends! All of my fears about joining a gym and losing weight were gone the second I started my first 30 minutes! Plus my Curves also started a Zumba Circuit! It’s SO much fun!

Are you looking into losing weight? Why not give Curves a try! For only $10 you will get a Guest Pass!

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