A Mile in His Shoes Movie Review and Giveaway!

AMile in His Shoes
Itis no secret that I am picky about the movies I watch. I try to keepmy life uplifting and inspirational and I like to watch movies thathelp to keep the positive inspiration in my life.
A Mile in His Shoes is a beautiful story about a boy who changes thelife of those around him by overcoming his fear of change that comesfrom his Asperger’s Syndrome and transforms into a baseball pitcherthat he never knew he could be.
Thismovie is a must see! To be honest I cried tears of happiness throughthe whole movie. I love when a movie has a great story line and isnot afraid to pray and reference God and the Bible. How beautiful.This is a movie the whole family will love and you will not have toworry about what the movie will teach your children because everylesson in this movie is a positive message!
Onthe Back
Onlya miracle can help baseball coach Arthur “Murph” Murphy (DeanCane) and his losing minor league baseball team. As Murph sets out torecruit new talent for the team, he stumbles upon Mickey (LukeSchroder), a young farmer with an incredible pitcher’s arm. However,Mickey’s parents are reluctant to allow him to join the team becausehe has Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. Murph convincesMickey’s parents that life in the minor league will benefit theirunique son, but he doesn’t realize just how much his new recruit willhelp the team’s game and more importantly, their spirit. Based on thetrue story, A Mile in His Shoes is an inspirational film thatcelebrates faith, determination and the power of friendship. 
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