The Fat Boy Chronicles Movie Review!

TheFat Boy Chronicles
Childrenare being picked on and teased more and more now a days. It is a sadfact that is needing attention. The Fat Boy Chronicles is about a boywho is being picked on daily and feels very alone in life. Butinstead of allowing it to over take his life he decides to dosomething about it. Not only does he take action and work on fixingthe problem he feels he has about his weight. But his journey alsolets him understand that even the ‘popular’ kids have issues in theirlife that they are trying to run away from.
Thisis a movie that I think that every teen should see. It would be goodfor kids to see that their words hurt deeper then they can imagineand for those being picked on it would be wonderful for them to seethey are not alone and there is something they can do about it.
Ifyou think that your child could benefit from watching The Fat Boy Chronicles the I recommend you look into this title.
Onthe Back
Inspiredby a true story,
TheFat Boy Chronicles follows Jimmy Winterpock, the subject of brutalhigh school bullying. Jimmy overcomes the torment by finding thestrength to focus on his goal to lose weight and win over the girl ofhis dreams. Based on the acclaimed novel by Diane Lang and MichaelBuchanan, the film has been heralded by critics for bringing realworld issues that affect teenagers to an audience looking foranswers. Dr. John Barge, Superintendent of Schools – State ofGeorgia declares it “a must see for every parent and educator.”

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