Toast to 2012 Giveaway Hop! $50 Paypal Worldwide – Lovable Labels US and Canada!

 It’s a new year and with that we bring you ‘Toast to 2012’ Giveaway Hop!

Here at Heavenly Savings I will have two great prize packages for you! The first being $25 Paypal Cash! Who doesn’t need that after the holidays right! 

The second prize package will be a prize pack to Lovable Labels!

Mydaughter is in a school where the children wear uniforms! I love theidea but since all of the children are wearing the same items I havefound it best to personalize all of her sweaters, shoes and such withLovable Labels!
LovableLabels will make your life easier as the next time you need to labelanything you will be able to just pop on a sticker!
Lovable Labels makes labels for everything! Shoes, clothing, zippers, metaltags, allergy & medical alert labels, pantry labels, and SO manymore!
RecentlyI was able to review a set of Lovable Labels and I was thrilled! Nomore trying to find the black magic marker! I can now just stick onmy daughters name and have it look nice!
WithLovable Labels I was able to not only personalize with my daughtersname but I was also able to choose a character to go along with hername as well as the colors of her labels! It was a blast!
Ifyou are like me and constantly writing your child’s name on stuffwhy not look into Lovable Labels! You will be glad you did!

Toast to 2012 GRAND PRIZE! Make sure to ENTER TO WIN 1 of 5 $100 Paypal or Visa Gift Cards!!!
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Good Luck!

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