Lose weight with Curves! Guest Pass just $10!


A Year and a Half Ago I joined the Curves Community! I was a little nervous and did not know what to expect! I wanted a play that I could go but did not want to have to worry about looking silly as I worked out! After much investigation into the gyms around me Curves just seemed to be the only way to go! I knew that it was more private and I loved that there would only be Girls there while I worked out!

When I got there I seen that they did not have a bunch of the gym equipment that I had expected? How would a workout like this work? They were playing awesome upbeat music and everyone was dancing around! Every 30 seconds they were switching stations in a neat circle around the room! What? This was unlike anything I had ever seen!

I could not wait to get started! Not only was I going to be able to dance around to good music but I was going to be able to work every muscle in my body in just a 30 Minute workout! Yep that is how long it takes to get around the ‘Circle’ of equipment!

I really enjoy Curves! I have lost lbs and have gained great friends! All of my fears about joining a gym and losing weight were gone the second I started my first 30 minutes! Plus my Curves also started a Zumba Circuit! It’s SO much fun!

Are you looking into losing weight? Why not give Curves a try! For only $10 you will get a Guest Pass!

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    I love that Curves is just for women … I had the blessing of belonging to one years ago at my last home bc there was one nearby enough to walk to (I dont drive) and I wont go to a regular gym bc I feel too self conscious and anxious and embarssed working out around men or too women who look and dress like fitness models and I loved that at curves the majority of the women are women just like me just trying to get healthier and or in shape and not out to show off or anything.
    I just wish the giant gym across the street from my new house that my husband loves also had a curves next door for ME to go to!

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