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I highly recommend that you go straight to the internet and visit this site before you read any further: http://www.expertsatellite.com/direct-tv-channels.html. You should check it out to see what the going rates are for satellite television. I tell you this because the other day I was watching my satellite television when Dr. Phil came on and I decided to watch it. First of all Dr. Phil and family have come a long way since the days when Phil was on Oprah. Dr. Phil has really come in to his own since he got his own show. He has even brought his family in to the business. His wife is at every show taping and sits in the audience. Occasionally she will participate in the story depending on what they are talking about that day. His son is also now in the television business producing the hit show on ABC called The Doctors. As they say anything Oprah touches turns to gold and it looks like Dr. Phil is no different. Dr. Phil has advice on all kinds of topics. You can check out his web site to find out more about his show and the topics they cover.

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