Klutz- Stamp Art Review and Giveaway!

Klutz– Stamp Art
Inever knew Stamps could be so much fun! That is until I was able toreview Klutz’s Stamp Art Kit!
Klutz’sStamp Art Kit contains 1 clear block, 64 stamps, 6 color pencilcolors and an ink pad to go along with a fun book to help you withfun stamp ideas!
Here’show it works:
Thereare 64 fun designs you can place on the clear block that is includedin the kit! The stamps will automatically stick to the block andsince the block is clear you will be able to see exactly where youare placing the stamp on the paper. After you use the stamp you canremove the stamps you used from the clear block and switch them withnew ones that you want to use the next time! Just clean them off andyou are good to go!
Inthis book you will also learn how to make fun animals such asJellyfish, monkeys and frogs as well as other fun designs and evenspace ships! You will be able to stamp these fun to make creatures onthe kit papers to make your own jungles, beach/ocean scenes and evenouter-space!
Fromthe Website
StampArt makes stamping simpler — and more creative — than ever.Stick the included shapes on the see-through acrylic block to createyour own one-of-a-kind stamp design. Full of inspirational artworkand instruction, this stamp-right-in-it book shows how to createanimals, flowers, houses, aliens… anything you can dream up. 

Good Luck!

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