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My daughter gets the worst cracked lips. She picks and picks until they bleed. It drives me crazy. Until now I was having a hard time finding a lip balm that would keep her lips soft and smooth but also tasted good. Since she is a kid she does not like using anything on her lips that tastes “yucky”. I always tell her lip stuff is not to “eat” but she can’t help but licking it off her lips anyway.

Soft lips is just what it says. It helps to create soft moist lips that taste good! Now that’s enough about why my daughter likes it what about me? Well I love it as well. There are many different types of soft lips available and in many different flavors. I love the coral charm the best because it us tinted and the color looks great! My daughter’s favorite is the coconut sugar. How about you? Do you have a soft lips flavor you just love?

From Press Release:

Basket of Beauty: So manystores offer gift sets, but the person you’re buying for might not use or likeeverything in the set and it can come off like you were in a hurry to buy agift. An easy solution is to buy a basket or small bin and fill it with itemsthat you know they like. Each basket or bin can be customized to the personwhether it’s a basket of beauty products including Softlips lip balm or a binfilled with hair products for the hair junkie. Finish the look by covering thegift set with cellophane and tie it with ribbon.

Glamorous StockingStuffers: Holidaystockings are an easy way to stash a variety of beauty goodies. You can find aglittery stocking to fill with pretty presents that pamper such as makeupbrushes, shimmery jewelry, nail products for a manicure and Softlips lip balm.
Stylish Gift Wrapping:  No matterwhat the gift is, with just a few simple steps you can transform an ordinarygift to an extraordinary gift. Add a touch of glam or beauty to your gift byattaching a pair of shimmery earrings or bangle bracelets to the ribbon or lookfor beauty products with peg holes in the card, like Softlips lip balm, andattach it to the ribbon on the gift bag or present. 

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