K’Nex Review!

MyThoughts on K’Nex
WhenI was a child I remember playing with K’Nex on a daily basis! Theywere one of my top favorite building sets of all time! I loved beingable to build whatever my imagination could design! Since mychildhood K’Nex has grown and now they have expanded and came up withmany more build-able toys and designs for children of all ages!
RecentlyI was able to review a variation of K’Nex toys! When the box arrivedI was thrilled because I had all of the children at home that day andit was rainy! We were in need of something fun to do and K’Nex wasthat fun!
Iwas able to review a basic K’Nex set, Mario Kart Wii sets, and aSesame Street set with the kids! These toys have been a blast and thekids are able to build and re-build as much as they would like! Plusthe sky is the limit as far as building goes! They can do whateverthey like with these creative building sets!
Myfavorite is the K’Nex building set! My family and I have built manyfun creations from airplanes and space ships to castles and fairylands. With 900 parts in this kit your imagination is the limit!
TheSesame Street Kits are perfect for your little builders. With littleblocks for creative play and they contain their favorite characters!What fun! My little ones loved building with Elmo!
ThisChristmas season I want you to take a look at K’Nex. There are somany different kits and toys to choose from! Whether you are lookingfor kits for your 2 year old or kits for your 10 year old! K’Nex hasa little something for everyone!

Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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