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KlutzTwisted Critters
ThePipe Cleaner Book
Youall have read time and time again how much I love Crafty Books.Especially if they are something I can do with the kids! Twisted Critters by Klutz is exactly that! Fun Crafts you can do with thekids!
Ihad a package arrive from Klutz and was so excited to share these funcraft projects with my daughter and the kids I babysit! The first kitI would like to introduce you to is Klutz’s Twisted Critters! It is abook filled to the brim with Pipe Cleaners and the instructions onhow to make fun critters like bumble bee’s, lions, peacocks, lizardsand more!
Everythingyou will need is included in this book except three common householditems! You will need a Black Marker, A Pencil and FingernailClippers! Just those three items and this book will create a world offun for you and your little ones!
Mydaughter and I decided that we were going to pick out fun crittersthat we could tie yarn onto and make into Christmas Ornaments to passout with this year’s gifts for our loved ones!
Thefirst critter my daughter chose to make was the lobster! Thedirections told us exactly what pipe cleaners we needed and exactlyhow to make each feature of the lobster! We were able to twist thepipe cleaners around the pencil and cut them easily with the nailclippers! Then we drew on two eyes with the marker! Such fun! Thislobster will make a super cute Christmas Ornament!
Thereare over 70 Piper Cleaners in this fun craft book and 20 projects tochoose from! You will also find a Ruler in the back of the book tohelp make your measurements exact!

Good Luck!

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